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Running Contest & Giveaways can sometimes interfere with state or federal rules. Depending on your location it’s wise to do research on what is allowed and not allowed. This way you won’t run into problems while running your giveaway.

Creating your own rules is also very useful so there is no confusion what are the requirements to participate and how your game is run. We advise our customers to always add a rules section to their Contest or Giveaway and write the basics of what they want to achieve and what requirements they are asking from their participants. 

Osortoo™ is not in any way liable for any country, state or federal rule’s violation. We don’t condone any harmful behaviour and we strongly advise you to do research before making Giveaway, Contest, Raffle or Promotion with our tools.We prohibit the usage of our platform for any criminal or harmful activity and we will immediately terminate any account that is engaged in it.

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