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Osortoo’s Business Plan is great for agencies and companies needing maximum control and customization to use social media and fit their growing needs. It’s suited for high-capacity digital marketing operations, and it can cover all of your marketing needs. The subscription cost starts at $29 per month, depending on the tools you choose and the length of subscription.

Social Media Picker

You get Unlimited draws with an unlimited capacity of comments per draw. You can select as many posts as you want to make a Giveaway draw on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook as long as you have a professional account. You have Unlimited media downloads every month to announce your winner or giveaway on the platform, theme, and format you choose. Plus, you get access to all the exclusive premium features.


You have unlimited contests to perform. You get unlimited number of participants. You can customize as many Form fields as your need per contest. You can announce as many prizes as you want per contest, which means unlimited number of winners. Plus, you get access to all the exclusive premium features.

Full package

You get access to all the Osortoo tools in one subscription. Get to use Contest tools and Social Media Picker with your Osortoo account.

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Osortoo Support always with you

You can always contact our Osortoo Support team to help you with your projects.

We are here 24/7 to help you with any issue you might have.

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